Nvidia driver crashes after half a minute

I have a really strange problem with my Quadro P520 gpu and Fedora (Linux in general). After about half a minute, the driver crashes with the Xid 79 GPU has fallen off the bus. This happens in X11 and Wayland. Moreover, this error happens with other distros too. The error indicates that the GPU is damaged, but on Windows it works without any errors. On X11 the Nvidia settings offer a preferred mode, if this option is set to anything other than adaptive, it works. Besides, some occasionally freezes in standby. I assume it has something to do with the voltage which is provided for the gpu. I really want to use Wayland, as the experience is much smoother for me, especially with the touchpad.

The logfile is attached.
nvidia-bug-report.log (334.2 KB)

Any ideas where I can look for any errors? Any help is much appreciated.

Please check if setting kernel parameter
works around it.

This does not change anything, unfortunately…