NVidia Driver DisallowTCP connection

On linux, I configured the Xorg server (in gdm) to allow connection on TCP using the setting “DisallowTCP=false” (listening to port 6000)

When the system is running without nvidia module loaded, the port and connection is permitted:

netstat -na | grep 6000

tcp 0 0* LISTEN
tcp6 0 0 :::6000 :::* LISTEN

I loaded nvidia module and restarted the system, the nvidia module closes the port, then it’s not openable again!

netstat -na | grep 6000

{returns nothing - the port is no longer listening and services needing it no longer working}

So, is there some settings for the nvidia module related to this? Actually, even nvidia driver itself requires DisallowTCP=false (allowing tcp connection on port 6000) so Genlock can work!

The GDM setting DisallowTCP=false just starts Xorg with “-listen tcp”, the nvidia driver doesn’t have any influence on that. Did you check you’re still running an Xsession when the nvidia module is loaded or a Wayland session?
ps a |grep X

Thanks for pointing this out… Actually I was not running wayland, but by troubleshooting and trying multiple options between Xorg, and wayland, I found what causes the problem, when gdm detects nvidia gpu, it applies some rules to force using X, it seems that there was something wrong when these rules are applied!!

I disabled these rules, and I selected X11 manually (although this was my default), but now when gdm rules are disabled, the problem is resolved.

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