Nvidia driver - huge memory leak on GeForce 410M

When i use Nvidia latest driver for my GeForce 410M i get huge memory leak with many apps. Window Manager uses almost 1GB after 10 minutes after start (and even more after some time).

My system is Manjaro Deepin. I tried 5 kernels from 3.10 to 4.9.6. I also tried nvidia-304xx and nvidia-340xx. No changes at all with this problem.

For example, i restared OS and after restart deepin-wm use 150 MB. Then i opened some apps and more memory allocated for deepin-wm. And after some time and new opened apps i got a 1GB of allocated memory for just window manager. Also you should understand that other apps leaked too and never free leaked MBs. It is not related to window manager or apps i’m using because with Nouveau there is no problems with memory leaks. After restart with Nouveau deepin-wm use 85 Mb and never grow more than 100 Mb.

I found that some tasks creates more memory leaks. For example, when i’m changing a walpaper more memory leaks (5-10 MB at a time). And 10 new walpaper’s changes eats 100 more MB. Also after open any app more memory leaks. I should restart window manager after some time if i want to work with this driver.

Maybe you know how to help me?
What information i can find for you to help you to fix it?
I made a valgrind test for my window manager, and screenshot, and nvidia-bug-report. Please, take a look.

P.s. When i tested with valgrind i only changed walpaper ten times and opened 2 apps. 100 MB more leaked after this.
Nvidia.zip (565 KB)