Nvidia Driver is not working on Ubuntu 20.04

Hi! I set up dualboot confiuration with Windows 11 and Ubuntu 20.04 on device Dell Vostro 3530 (GeForce MX550). Installation went well, but I cannot set for example screen brightness and use external display. I installed recommended driver (535) using sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall but then system is not starting. Only thing i can see looks like this: dev/sda1: clean, 552599/6111232 files, 7119295/24414464 blocks I changed kernel to newest liquorix kernel, but it didn’t solve my problem, system is also not starting. I purged all nvidia files, installed new drivers and also nothing :( I’ve tried every solution i found without any success Do you have any idea how to fix it?

Which cpu model is installed?


That’s fairly new and its gpu needs a recent kernel (which you have already installed with liqurix) and firmware. Please install the package for 22.04 manually:
If you’re lucky, it contains the missing files.

It works! Thank you very much. I didn’t expect that drivers from newer distros are compatible

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