Nvidia driver loads one CPU core at 100%

For a long time I could not understand why one processor core with integrated graphics was loaded as much as possible. It started after installation of Xubuntu 18.04 and purchase an external monitor for my laptop. The Intel hybrid processor outputs graphics via HDMI cable to an external monitor. Processor resource most consumed process “System” in the operating system Windows 10, and in the Linux distribution - processes “kworker/0:1” or “kworker/0:2”. The problem does not occur after a long CPU load by resource-intensive applications. Restore normal operation of the processor is possible after turning off the laptop for a long time or disconnecting the power plug. For a long time I did it. After installing Xubuntu 19.04, the “systemd-udevd” process consumed the most resources during CPU loading. On some forum I learned that this process is loaded if there are problems with the Nvidia graphics card. Now there are no such problems. Tell me, how to write support group.