Nvidia driver not used Ubuntu 19.10

Hi guys,
I just installed Ubuntu on my MSI gs70 but I can’t use my Nvidia 970M.
I saw similar questions on the net but I cannot solve the issue.

I installed the reccomended drivers (435) and it looks likeI am using them. In the PRIME settings of NVidia X Server the performance mode is selected. But if I search for the system settings I find that the graphics used is “Intel® Haswell Mobile”. If I run “nvidia-smi” I get “NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn’t communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.”

I attach the results of nvidia-bug-report.sh : https://gofile.io/?c=apsBux .

Thank you in advance for the help! I hope I am in the right section!

The problem seems to be that the nvidiafb driver is bound to your GPU, preventing the NVIDIA driver from being used. Please try removing or disabling the nvidiafb driver.

Thank you very much. Now it seems it is working!