Nvidia driver on CentOs

Hi experts,
I am very new to nvidia. I have a CentOs with Kernel version 3.10.0-1160.66.1.el7.x86_64. A user/admin removed the nvidia driver and I need to re-install. I downloaded NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-515.48.07.run but I am not sure if this is all I need. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is the list that was removed. Could you guide me as to how I can put everything back?

nvidia-driver-branch-510-cuda x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 1.0 M
Removing for dependencies:
kmod-nvidia-latest-dkms x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 51 M
nvidia-driver-branch-510 x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 59 M
nvidia-driver-branch-510-NVML x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 1.8 M
nvidia-driver-branch-510-NvFBCOpenGL x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 131 k
nvidia-driver-branch-510-cuda-libs x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 216 M
nvidia-driver-branch-510-devel x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 0.0
nvidia-driver-branch-510-libs x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 333 M
nvidia-modprobe-branch-510 x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 65 k
nvidia-persistenced-branch-510 x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 64 k
nvidia-xconfig-branch-510 x86_64 3:510.73.08-1.el7 @cuda-rhel7-x86_64 222 k

HI there @amir.fadaghi and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

On the web site where you downloaded the driver .run file you will also find a README which covers in detail how to install the NVIDIA driver.

For example here is the README for the 525 driver. I don’t know the exact search parameters to get the 515 driver on the download pages.


@MarkusHoHo Thanks for the pointers. i’ll look into this.