NVIDIA Driver segfaults when calling vkCmdTraceRaysKHR if pipeline was built with vkDeferredOperationKHR

I’m building my ray tracing pipeline with deferred host operations. However, attempting to call VkCmdTraceRaysKHR with the built ray tracing pipeline causes the driver to segfault.

The debugger was able to locate the following function within the driver: vkGetInstanceProcAddr → rtcGetVersion.

Without a copy of the NVIDIA driver I amunable to continue debugging. Building the ray tracing pipeline synchronously without Deferred Host Operations does solve the problem.

Driver version: 531.41

Hi there @neotoxin4365, nice to read from you again.

Thank you for bringing this up.

Do you think this is a regression? If so, do you know with which driver version this still worked?

To proceed could you share which Operating system this happens on and which exact GPU you are using?

And it would be ideal if you could share a minimal repro app so we can try and reproduce this in-house.