NVidia driver should enable the storageInputOutput16 feature

The current driver, 545.29.06, does not enable the Vulkan 1.1 feature storageInputOutput16, which allows the use of int16 coordinates in input vertex attributes. 16 bit types are allowed in all other locations, such as uniform buffers, storage buffers, and push constants, but the vertex attributes are the one place where they would be most useful due to the sheer volume of vertex data.

Furthermore, this limitation only exists in this flag. If I do not request storageInputOutput16 when creating the device and then use int16 vertex input attributes anyway, then everything works correctly, except for the error printed by the validation layer about storageInputOutput16 not being enabled.

Both AMD and Intel drivers already support 16 bit types for all their GPUs, so isn’t it about time NVidia did as well?