Nvidia driver update resets Global Preset in Nvidia Control Panel - always. on every Nvidia system

Whenever the Nvidia driver updates it ALWAYS changes the Global Preset in the Nvidia Control Panel.

We support over 200 Nvidia laptops with a dedicated Intel GPU.
Every Nvidia update we have to manually reset the Global Preset in the Nvidia Control Panel. if we don’t do this then the 3d apps the designers use start using the integrated GPU (Intel) instead.

How do we script or make sure this does not happen?
Often these Nvidia GPU drivers are automatically updated using either Dell UPdate (if it’s a Dell laptop) or Lenovo Vantage Commercial if it’s a Lenovo.

From online research, Nvidia does not provide an out of the box method of scripting this change to a specific preset remotely.

Anyone have experience or knowledge of how to silently script a change of the ‘Global Preset’ in the Nvidia Control Panel to anything other than the ’ base profile’ which it resets to after every update.