Nvidia drivers login loop plus flickering/blinking screen-Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

Got stuck in the login loop. I hard restarted the computer…went into the terminal and was having some path issues (I wanted to uninstall nvidia drivers). Ended up rebooting thru the terminal–it took me to the option of restarting in recovery mode, which I did. However, now when I try to go back into the terminal (ctl+alt+F3), the screen is blinking/flickering. So it is very difficult to enter in my username, not to mention the impossibility of typing in the password.

What can I do to fix this or at least get back into the terminal? I’ll note that this all happened after obtaining some new data (only on this computer), so if there’s any way/need to do a backup, that would be great, too.

Also, if you have any permanent ways to fix the nvidia drivers–I’m all ears.

one way to get into the system for backup purposes would be via SSH. This also would be useful for fixing things. There are many questions and answers about login loop.

I understand the login loop fixes, but how can I fix anything if I can’t input my password due to the flickering of the screen? I can’t see the password, so I don’t know what is actually getting typed in or not…

connect to your system via the network using SSH. If you have SSH disabled, that won’t work of course.

Alternatively, investigate for your particular linux distro how to boot an alternate kernel configuration using GRUB or similar.

If we never installed or set up SSH access, I assume that it is not enabled, correct?

Otherwise, yes, I’ll go ahead and see if we can boot up another way.

Yes, that is what I typically observe with Ubuntu. If you attempt to SSH to the machine (you would need to know its IP address) and your SSH connection gets rejected, it probably means you haven’t enabled SSH.