Nvidia DRM Video Sink element in Python Deepstream SDK


Hardware platform: Jetson Orin Nano 8GB
Deepstream version 6.3
Jetpack 5.1.2
Environment Python 3.8

I am trying to use python deepstream-test3 sample application to display output video using the DRM Video Sink (nvdrmvideosink) element. There is sample code in deepstream-app C application to use it. But I couldn’t find similar example in python deepstream sample apps. I would ideally want to replace the following code which is using nveglglesink element with a DRM Video Sink element -

sink = Gst.ElementFactory.make("nveglglessink", "nvvideo-renderer") 


You refer README in : deepstream/deepstream
drmsink cannot be used with x11-server

4. Prerequisites to use nvdrmvideosink (Jetson only)
   a. Ensure that X server is not running.
      Command to stop X server:
          $sudo service gdm stop
          $sudo pkill -9 Xorg
   b. If "Could not get EGL display connection" error is encountered,
      use command $unset DISPLAY
   c. Ensure that a display device is connected to the Jetson board.

@junshengy I am able to run the sample C program application ‘deepstream-app’ with nvdrmvideosink.

However, there is no documentation to use nvdrmvidesink in Deepstream Python applications. Does Gst Python support drmsink?


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Yes, drmsink can use in python applications as native.
The drmsink python bindings is supported.

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