NVIDIA Embedded LiveStream on Microsoft Developer Twitch Channel - July 10 @ 1:00PM CST


We are hosting a livestream event with engineers from the NVIDIA Embedded team this Friday, July 10 @ 1:00 PM CST on the Microsoft Developer #Twitch Channel!

Erik St Martin and Paul DeCarlo will be joined by Ryan Huff, Jaime Flores, Manuel Reyes-Gomez, and Chintan Shah from NVIDIA to discuss your burning questions on GPU Acceleration, IoT Workloads at the Edge, Model execution on Embedded devices and anything else you might be curious to ask! The format will be an open QnA with questions taken from the live chat. All questions are welcome but we will mostly focus on concepts related NVIDIA embedded devices, object detection algorithms, and cloud connectivity scenarios for AI at the Edge solutions.

A calendar invite is attached at the link below, see you there!