Nvidia Error icon top bar


At top-right screen in ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS appears an icon with nvidia-logo and the following message Error:

You do not appear to be using de NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run “nvidia-xconfig” as root)
If it doesn’t help, click here to report with your sensors output.

I opened a terminal an write the command but doesnt work. nvidia-xconfig: command not found.

Somebody knows how can I solve?

Thanks in advance.

When do you get this error? What are you trying to do?

Nothing. Appears when login in Ubuntu. Near keyboard language icon.

Furthermore, I feel that jetson works slow. I connect a webcam. In preview windows in cheese, I dont have a continuous video, some frames freeze.

Thanks for your reply!

On your host pc? Or on the nano?

If it’s on your host PC, do you have an Nvidia GPU?

If it is your host pc, and you do have an Nvidia GPU, then you can probably resolve this by installing nvidia gpu drivers.

Go to the “Software & Updates” app, click the “Additional drivers” tab, and choose a proprietary Nvidia driver.

Then follow the instructions to configure secure boot. You must choose and write down a password, reboot, and enter some characters when your bios prompts you to insert a key.

I recommend not following any instructions on the internet telling you to disable secure boot. This is not required anymore (technically, it never was).

The preview window in Cheese might not support hardware acceleration features of the nano. Only gstreamer apps have hardware acceleration and only when specifically written to use Nvidia’s components (which means none of the Canonical built apps, from chromium to cheese to kodi to … anything).

You can try gst-launch instead with an example like this.

If you have “glxinfo” and egrep installed, what do you see from:

glxinfo | egrep -i '(nvidia|version)'

Note this has to be run from the GUI of the host PC to know about this in the running PC.

“glxinfo” is from package “mesa-utils”.