NVIDIA Flex Support for Magic Leap


I am working on a project and we are trying to simulate some fluids and would like to use the NVIDIA Flex plugin. I downloaded this from the Unity Asset store and opened up the 9th example project that came with the plugin and it worked fine in Unity. But when trying to deploy this onto the Magic Leap to see how it would look I recieved many compiler errors. I have posted on the Magic Leap forums (https://forum.magicleap.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360054961831-NVIDIA-Flex-not-deploying-onto-Magic-Leap) but they basically said it was because they don’t have the CUDA supporting libraries or DirectX support on the Magic Leap and pointed me here. Is there a way for this plugin to not have these dependencies for this plugin to work on the Magic Leap?
Please help