NVidia Flex Support for Xbox One?

Really like the NVidia Flex system, and after playing around with a local Unity + NVidia Flex build I decided to see if it would work on the Xbox One…and was disappointed to see a “Cannot load…NvFlexReleaseD3D_x64.dll file or assembly” error message.

Even though both the NvFlexReleaseD3D_x64.dll and NvFlexExtReleaseD3D_x64.dll are included in the final project being deployed it would seem that it might not be compatible with Xbox One yet?

If someone knows whether it does or does not work on the Xbox One would be great. I know there was an announcement awhile back for Xbox One PhysX support (which I believe Flex sits under that hood), so it could just be that it requires the full SDK.

My current failed attempt at using Flex on Xbox One, I was deploying as a Windows Universal (x64) D3D Application…which perhaps I need to build a full Xbox One application (i.e. ID@Xbox developer)?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!