NVIDIA Flex test

Hello everyone:

I’m playing with the flex and start to write a simple example. I build up a bunch of particles and initialize all of the particle’s initial velocity with zero as initial state for the system. And also I uses FlexParams to set all the information for fluid. Then FlexSetParams is called to apply parameters to current solver. I specify the gravity’s vertical direction with acceleration -9.8f; But after updating the solver and get the value back from the solver, I found the velocity didn’t change. Does anyone tried and played with it as well? Any experience to share?

Thank you.

I had to do an internet search to find what FleX is. It seems to be closely related to or based on PhysX: https://developer.nvidia.com/physx-flex. Based on that, you may have better success asking FleX related questions in a forum dedicated to PhysX: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/66/physx-and-physics-modeling/