NVIDIA G71GL [Quadro FX 1500] (rev a1) - Linux LOUD Fan Noise

NVIDIA G71GL [Quadro FX 1500] (rev a1) - Linux LOUD Fan Noise

Hi all.

I am running the NVIDIA card in the title on Zorin (Linux Distro - an Ubuntu flavour).
NVIDIA G71GL [Quadro FX 1500] (rev a1)

The fan runs at full speed and is very loud (unnecessarily , in cool / cold weather, and with low memory / graphics usage - I am not a gamer or video editor or anything like that).

I have tried both the NVIDIA proprietary driver which is downloaded through Zorin, as well as the open-source X.org Xserver driver (which is worse, and runs the fan even louder).

Can somebody please advise me how I can take some control of this fan speed , as the card does not seem to sense the actual temperature and graphics usage?

Is there an NVIDIA control panel or settings for Linux / Zorin ?
(I can see things on the internet, but cannot find what suits my setup)
A way I can control fan speeds and usage ?

I have also have a secondary, less important problem –
My computer display will not come on after the computer is suspended / go to sleep.
Would this be an NVIDIA issue?

Thank you.

I am new to both Linux and setting up my own cards and hardware and stuff.
I do have some programming experience in assy. , C# and Java, so I am not entirely computer illiterate.
… However, please assume some level of ignorance on my part.


This is the subforum for the Developer Tools called “Linux Graphics Debugger”.
Please post your issue in correct subforum. Thanks.

G’day , codym_nv. Thank you for your assistance. I apologise. I posted this elsewhere, and somebody told me to post in this forum and linked to it.
Where would be the correct sub-forum for me to post ?
Perhaps the “Linux Drivers” Sub-forum ??
Thank you for your assistance.


Yes, maybe “Linux Driver” is the correct subforum.