NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU driver update? & where to get help on graph. problems?

Is the update under Graphics Driver > GeForce or TNT2 > Windows XP / 2000 the correct update for me to download?

A couple days ago, my PC crashed and when I logged back on it said the error was caused by the GPU and to update the driver. So I did, but before this, I play Final Fantasy XI Online (FFXI). I was starting to get glitches in the graphics and the program used to run it, PlayOnline (POL) crashed on me. I waited to check FFXI again to update the driver, but now it’s even more glitched. A jagged black band that races from top to bottom on the screen, various white and black boxes around things within the game, and even when I logged out POL was messed up showing 2 at the top of my monitor and the same black band with the bottom 3/4 of the screen nothing but black and unaccessable. Exited POL but had to restart my PC manually to get out of the black even though I could see the cursor then. Any idea what’s going on or the appropriate place to ask about this?

This is not the right forum for your question. This forum is about CUDA.

Try the general NVIDIA hardware forum: