Nvidia Graphics Driver not working anywhere

I have an MSI GE75 8sf laptop with nvidia rtx 2080 graphic card. Suddenly yesterday my graphic card stopped working. I noticed this when I started a game and the graphics were just too bad (because it was using intel UHD graphics). When I try to open nvidia control panel, nothing happens. When I open NVIDIA Geforce Experience, it asks for driver update, and when I update the driver it still just asks for the same driver update even though the driver update showed the message ‘successful’. I tried reinstalling the graphics driver, I even reset my entire windows, its still not working. Till this point I thought it might be some software issue. But, i have ubuntu dual boot, so I hopped into my ubuntu and ran ‘nvidia-smi’ and it shows that it didn’t detect any device. Its not working on both OS since yesterday and it used to work just fine before that which makes me believe it might be a hardware issue.

I tried to contact nvidia support. I waited for a representative to come to online chat for about 30 mins twice, no one came. I raised a ticket on nvidia support and I got a response that they can’t help me with this and asked me to create a topic here.

Is there any reliable way to detect if this is a hardware issue? And if anyone has faced this before, how can this be solved if this is a software issue?