NVIDIA GRID 411.81 drivers and VDA 1811 on Win10

Is there anyone else out there having problems with the latest NVIDIA GRID 411.81 drivers and Citrix VDA (Workstation) 1811 on Windows 10? After upgrading to 411.81 and VDA 1811 we are experiencing "grey borders" when maximizing the Citrix desktop. This was not happening before when we were using VDA 1808.2 and NVIDIA 391.81.

Our environment is running on Azure with NV6 size Windows 10 (1803, fully patched) VMs for CAD use. I was able to get the NVIDIA 411.81 driver working with 1808.2 (previous VDA release), not 1811.


first of all the latest drivers should be:
https://docs.nvidia.com/grid/ ->412.16
In addition there is no support for CVAD 1811 yet. Please check the release notes of the current release. I don’t think your issue is related to the driver version but you may ask Citrix for guidance. There are known issues from Citrix in 1811…



Hi Simon,

Thank you for your feedback. First of all, as I’m using Azure and NV-series (NV6) VMs, I usually get my NVIDIA drivers from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/windows/n-series-driver-setup. The latest driver on that page is 411.81. Not sure if the drivers there are general drivers, which are equal to/the same as the ones on the NVIDIA page, of if they are “tailored” drivers for Azure. If it doesn’t matter which ones we choose, I’ll try the latest drivers from the NVIDIA page (412.16).

You say "there is no support for VDA 1811 yet". Do you mean that the latest NVIDIA drivers does not support 1811 yet, or that 1811 does not support the latest NVIDIA driver?

I have an ongoing case with Citrix on this, but still no progress there.

Can you be a bit more specific as to your last line "there are known issues from Citrix in 1811"?

Thank again.


Hi Tore,

there are indeed scaling issues with 1811 and this is the reason why we won’t support it. This should be fixed in the upcoming 190x Citrix release and we will then going to support this one.