Nvidia GRID accelerated YouTube in XenApp - Do I need a GPU?

A frequently asked question, and one that often leads to "how many users can I get on a card"…

Here’s a video showing a single XenApp session running on YouTube on XenApp, and showing how much GPU is consumed. In the future I’ll do a larger scale video to see how many users we can load up and run YouTube concurrently.

For now, here’s a single users utilisation.


A big part of the issue is how Flash is handled. The (at least my) big hope is that HTML5 will replace all the shortcomings of Flash and undo some of the awful hardware dependencies and proprietary restrictions imposed by Flash.

Hi Tobias

As I ran it in Chrome, Flash isn’t in play because YouTube defaults to HTML5 in the chrome browser.

The limiting factor delivering YouTube (or any other video content) is the need to encode the video and send it over the wire.

I’ve cut another video with more depth that shows where the limitations would probably be, and it’s not GPU…


Hi Jason,

thnx for usefull topic. My question is whther the same rules aaply if talking about gaming via xenapp? Will 1080p resolution utilize the same amount CPU capacity as youtube does?