nvidia Grid K160Q vGPU (2 per GPU 2560x1600, 4 Display) Performance Problem!!


i am testing nvidia Grid K160Q vGPU (2 per GPU 2560x1600, 4 Display)
Screen Resolution 1920x1200 true Color 32bit, 60Hertz

Server 2012r2 > XenDesktop 7.6
XenServer 6.5
shared Desktop Windwos 8.1 Pro
8vCpu and 16gb Ram

i am use in 4 Display !!
an Exsample page: http://webglsamples.org/aquarium/aquarium.html
500 fish is aquarium…when i testing cannot use any other page or Software…

what can i do to get in better Performance can some one help it?

Policy Settings

Desktop Composition Redirection

  • Off

Display Memory Limit

  • 131072KB

HDX3DPro Quality Settings
-Min 80
-Max 100

Lossy Compression Level

Lossy Compression Threshold Value

Minimum Image Quality

  • Very High

Moving Image Compression

Queuing and Tossing

Target Frame rate

Use GPU for Optimising Windows Media Multimedia Redirection over WAN

Visual Quality

  • High

What are you experiencing today, and what are you trying to achieve?

Have you looked at the resource utilisation in the VM?

Are you using a browser that enables HW acceleration in a virtual environment? (so not Internet Explorer).

Are you using XenApp on Server 2012, or XenDesktop with Windows 8.1?