NVIDIA Grid VGPU Mouse problems

We are trialling NVIDIA Grid vGPU applications using VMWare (7) and Citrix vAPPS (1808). When running a VDA based on windows 10 (which we have to do for a supported engineering environment) the mouse only lines up if you set local resolution to 800x600 - all other resolutions do not line up. This isn’t an issue with windows server 2016/2019 VDAs and is also not an issue with the Windows 10 VDA when we don’t use the NVIDIA card.

The issue is present with single and multi-monitor setups.

NVIDIA Driver version is 462.31
RTX Desktop manager 201.66

Has anybody got any advice to resolve the issue?

Which vGPU profile do you use? Does it also happen with RDP? Never seen such an issue yet.

Regards Simon