Nvidia GT 750M on Ubuntu13.10


I just bought a dell inspiron 14r 5437-a40 with a hybrid card an Intel card and a Nvidia GT 750M card.

I tried various instructions to make it work, and none of them actually worked.

I follow instruction to make the 750M run all the time but, I had a black screen after login.

And the instructions to install bumblebee, I simply can’t run no app with optirun, it returned with a message like “Cannot access secondary GPU” “No devices detected”.

My question is: If someone out there made the GT 750M work on Linux, please tell us!

You’re probably better off asking for support in the bumblebee website IRC forums, but in this case it’s probably simple and related to the fact that the autodetection of the PCI bus # is failing… you’ll probably have to define it manually: