Nvidia GTX 660Ti Poor performance, stuttering, tearing, all drivers since I remember

Hello, I am having problems with my GTX660ti (msi). I have this card for ~2 years. Since I remember I was having problems in Linux. I was waiting for updates, but it’s still unfixed…

I have tried a lot of ‘solutions’, but nothing works for me. I still don’t have the performance that I should have. I have seen weaker cards running without lags, even notebooks!

I have tearing/lags when moving windows around (gnome 3, unity). It is follownig my cursor with a delay, and tears, lags.

When I scroll pages, it’s lagging too… I don’t play games, I just want smooth experience with my environment. Especially scrolling.

Chromium scrolls better than firefox, firefox works terrible.
And at my university, pc with GT610, works completely smooth. Both scrolling, draggin windows etc.

I really don’t have any more ideas.

bug report log: https://mega.nz/#!HY8DAQYa!IIH5z1OCiCLjD6CRJi8zkz1J515PlyhEiDQDosuaBcw