Nvidia GTX 780 CUDA 3.5


Hope all is well with you all.

I can’t download and find the available the 3.5 CUDA version so it will work with my Nvidia GTX 780. Hope to get some help or referral which version I can use instead?

Kind Regards, Hampus

You’re confusing CUDA compute capability with CUDA version. They are not the same thing.

Any version of CUDA from about CUDA 6.0 to the latest CUDA 11.3 can be used with a compute capability 3.5 device.

Hello Robert,

Thank you for the information. I installed the latest CUDA version 11.3 now. I’m trying to mine eth but I can’t seem to make the GPU work. Is there any other steps I should take or any other CUDA capability changes I should make?

Kind regards, Hampus

I would verify the CUDA install. The instructions are listed in the installation guide for whatever OS you are using. If the verification checks out OK, the problem is with whatever mining software or build process you are using. I probably wouldn’t be much help with that, unless you can be a lot more descriptive than what you have here - I’m not able to work with “I can’t seem to make the GPU work”. If you have problems with installing CUDA itself or the verification is not working, you should ask those questions on the cuda install sub-forum.

Hello again Robert,

It looks like it should be installed correctly. I will contact betterhash (mining program company) and ask them to help me. Thank you for all your help.

Kind Regards, Hampus