Nvidia GTX1050 Linux Debian 9.7

Dear all,

I have a GTX1050 installed on my machine with Linux Debian 9.7.
The Nvidia driver is the 390.

But even if I have something on screen, the resolution is really bad !
I tried to install others drivers, but nothing works !

Do you have a feedback on this video card running on Linux Debian ?

Actually, I am using my old Nvidia GTX660…really old but it works like a charm.
Why not the 1050 ???
I am really stuck with that.

Thanks for your help and support


Please run nvidia-bug-report.sh as root with the GTX 1050 installed and attach the resulting .gz file to your post. Hovering the mouse over an existing post of yours will reveal a paperclip icon.

Thank you Generix,

I will do that tomorrow.

Thank you for your support.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (81.1 KB)


I send you the logfile as requiered in my previous post.

Thank you for your feddback.


Everything is installed correctly, the monitor/TV set that is connected is detected as a ‘HD Ready’ device with a preferred resolution of 1360 x 768 which is used. Is this the correct native resolution of the screen? Anyway, you should be able to switch to a higher resolution (1920x1080), this is listed as available. Which desktop environment are you using?

Hello Generix,

Thanks for your reply.

The driver is working, but the resolution is really bad !
Using my old GTX660, everything works fine, but with the GTX1050, the resolution is really bad.
My desktop is Cinnamon with Debian 9.7 and a video driver 390.87.

I don’t understand why the resolution is so bad.
But I will change the monitor and sum 4Gb RAM this weekend for doing my job.

Let see what’s happen to the card…

Thanks for all.


Basically, I was just asking what kind of monitor you have connected in order to compare it with the logs.

Sorry for derailing the thread, but aren’t you supposed to use the 410.x driver with a GTX1050 GPU? Or is this a limitation caused by what driver version the non-free Debian repository is offering?