Nvidia-installer and dkms modules suppression issue

There has been a problem for a while now with nvidia-installer and the installation of libraries only.

When installation of the libraries is requested without installation of the drivers, nvidia-installer systematically removes the DKMS tree linked to the drivers already installed.

In this case, even if the version of the libraries is identical to the installed drivers, the DKMS data is removed, which makes no sense.

To prevent this problem, nvidia-installer must either not run the DKMS script on an identical version, or have a command line option such as --no-dkms-remove.

The end-user script I built to manage my nvidia drivers is forced to twist its installation system (libs install replay) to correct a problem that shouldn’t occur.

Please, dear developers, consider fixing this problem which is extremely annoying for end-user use.

Thanks a lot :)