Nvidia Installers

Hi Everybody

I made what I believe is a bonehead move–flashed my nice and new TK1 with Rel 21.3 prior to running the Nvidia Installers. The end result is that Ubuntu 14.04 loads, but it is with a very laggy and unresponsive experience. Is there anyway to recover from this and/or obtain the Nvidia Installers package?

This won’t hurt or interfere with your Jetson install. Easily updated to anything.

Here’s the most recent L4T downloads URL:

The typical part of flash that might be left out and cause hardware accelerated function to become only software-based is failing to “apply_binaries.sh” for the sample rootfs used in flash (only the original R19.2 requires running apply_binaries.sh from the Jetson itself, but the result is the same whether applied to rootfs on host prior to flash or applied directly to a running Jetson).

There are some settings which are for keeping power drain low which might temporarily make Jetson seem “lagged”. You can set for performance-only…see this URL:

Thanks for the response linuxdev. I have worked with the Jetson for about a year now, and installed the Grinch Kernel to 4 boards now (this will be my fifth, hopefully). However, I am still certainly new to Linux programming by many standards so please forgive any ignorance on my part. This is the only time I have experienced this behavior while updating.

I did “apply_binaries.sh” on my host linux machine prior to flash, and was able to install Grinch 21.3.4 via ssh, which I believe disables usb autosuspend (my first thought when the mouse and key board were unresponsive-ish). However the system was still incredibly laggy to the point of really not responding. I flashed the Jetson twice so far, with the same results both times.

On a similar but different note, has the thread by Santyago for installing Grinch 21.3.4 been pulled? All links to it appear to link directly to the forums. The guide I was using was https://github.com/jetsonhacks/installGrinch.

It isn’t just the USB autosuspend which might be an issue, you might check the other performance adjustments available on that URL above for performance.

I haven’t heard anything about Grinch status in a long time, I’m not sure what plans Santyago has for that.

You might want to install “htop”, I find it to be better than “top” for seeing what’s consuming CPU or resources. FYI, even if you use the 21.3.4 Grinch kernel, I’d still suggest using R21.4 and not R21.3.