NVIDIA is Abandoning OpenVX and VisionWorks?

Can NVIDIA please be more explicit about why it is abandoning OpenVX and VisionWorks, replacing it with the proprietary VPI?

In my opinion, NVIDIA should continue to support OpenVX.

Hi michaelbdevine,

VisionWorks is not deprecated and will be part of Jetpack in our current Jetson software roadmap. VPI offers important additional value by providing unified interface for multiple compute hardware like CPU, GPU, PVA, etc. In most algorithms supported on VPI currently, the implementation is much faster on GPU compared to Visionworks and on CPU compared to OpenCV.

Thank you for your reply. But, it differs from what another NVIDIA moderator said in the forums, indicating VisionWorks is “Legacy” and it is not being worked on anymore. Here is that post:

Hi michaelbdevine,

The VisionWorks is still part of Jetpack in our current Jetson software roadmap, but the version is remaining the same, no new features/fixes add since then.
You still can install it through the latest JetPack release.