Nvidia is circumventing EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL protection

So nvidia is using tricks to circumvent GPL license. Sounds illegal to me. But honestly I don’t care much about the license wars.
What I care about and wonder is:
How will that affect the driver? Myself using the non -open version.
Nvidia - care to comment?

modules: only allow symbol_get of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL modules
commit 9011e49d54dcc7653ebb8a1e05b5badb5ecfa9f9 upstream.

It has recently come to my attention that nvidia is circumventing the
protection added in 262e6ae7081d (“modules: inherit
TAINT_PROPRIETARY_MODULE”) by importing exports from their proprietary
modules into an allegedly GPL licensed module and then rexporting them.

Given that symbol_get was only ever intended for tightly cooperating
modules using very internal symbols it is logical to restrict it to
being used on EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL and prevent nvidia from costly DMCA
Circumvention of Access Controls law suites.

All symbols except for four used through symbol_get were already exported
as EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL, and the remaining four ones were switched over in
the preparation patches.