Nvidia Jetson agx xavier 8GB

kindly suggest how to set 10W power mode for Nvidia Jetson agx xavier 8GB module?

following modes are availabe in our module

1.10W 2core
2.20W 6 core
3.20W 4 core
4.20W 2 core

You mean the $ sudo /usr/sbin/nvpmodel -m command is not working?

Dear sir command working but we did it fund power reduction in our module to 10W

What does that mean? Not quite understand your comment here.

Dear sir we set the module to 10W mode by using command it’s set to 10W also in power mode when you check the overall power reduction in our unit is same for all mode no changes in power consumption fixed in all modes(28V input voltage to our unit. 7 A current and power 19.6 w)

Have you reboot the device after you set nvpmodel?

Yes sir it ask to reboot I have give yes option to reboot. It’s rebooted also

Could you share your tegrastats?

yes sir i will share

tegrastats information please guide me to set 10W

Could you check the power management section and check the voltage/current result from the board? I feel the actual power in use is less than what you said.



sir i am facing one more problem regarding can protocbol can u suggest me.loopback test ok when i communicating CAN0 TO CAN1 data i am not getting message frames but both baudrate matches our tranreciever SN65HVD233QDRQ1

? Replied in wrong thread?

1)As per your link we are able to read and change the current,voltage and power settings.
2)But it is not reflecting on target.
3) Then we try to reboot the system to see the changes but it is taking default parameter.
4)So the setting are not getting saved
5)Please tell us how to save the setting in to the module?

I think you should directly share the value you observed. It would be more helpful than only telling me something don’t changed…

Attached file is the observed POWER at 10W mode.its around 17.19 W.

suggest me how to reduce existing power is it possible?


The value here is in miliwatts.

Still i have confuse with this reading sir,if its in milliwatt status.who will take 18W power sir when i feed 28V in my unit it taken 0.650A Current overall 18.2 watt.

guide me how read ,write and restrict the power of our jetson module to 10W.


You didn’t read the full table… There are still power rail under 0x41 i2c.