NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Delivers 32 TeraOps for New Era of AI in Robotics

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/nvidia-jetson-agx-xavier-32-teraops-ai-robotics/

The world’s ultimate embedded solution for AI developers, Jetson AGX Xavier, is now shipping as standalone production modules from NVIDIA. A member of NVIDIA’s AGX Systems for autonomous machines, Jetson AGX Xavier is ideal for deploying advanced AI and computer vision to the edge, enabling robotic platforms in the field with workstation-level performance and the ability to operate…

I am a student engineer in the course of project end of study. My end of study project is focused on the autonomous bus for that we chose as solution the card NVIDIA AGX Xavier. Please if possible I need:
* schematic Altuim Designer or Orcad
* PCB (routing) Altuim Designer or Orcad
e-mail: gassmimohamed974 @ gmail.com
thank you in advance

Is it possible to game on this machine?
Like installing steam on ubuntu and...
Or even with a CPU of this size it could probably run win10, if it gets ported.

How to connect 4 USB 3.0 to Xavier dev kit? I need to connect 4 depth camera using USB3.0 ports. Can the camera lanes used to connect depth cameras?
In comparison to xavier does TX2 support 4 usb 3.0 ports?

Other than using the available USB ports on the Xavier devkit (e.g. via USB-C dongles, and the built-in hybrid USB3/SATA port), you can try a USB3 hub. If you run out of bandwidth through the hub, I would try attaching a PCIe-based USB3 card to the Xavier devkit's PCIe slot. The MIPI CSI camera lanes would require some kind of converter to use with USB or a native CSI depth camera (I think E-ConSystems makes one of those). With the TX2 devkit, you could attach a PCIe-based USB3 card too.

I just ordered the AGX Developer. Is there an affordable adapter to connect to the CSI camera port? I am surprised that no cable is included. I may return the AGX, if I cannot find a cheap adapter.

Camera: (16x) MIPI CSI-2 lanes, (8x) SLVS-EC lanes; up to 6 active sensor streams and 36 virtual channels
†MIPI CSI-2, up to 40 Gbps in D-PHY V1.2 or 109 Gbps in CPHY v1.1

Hi @m_lanham, the multi-camera CSI header is typically used with camera kits like these:

If you had intended to use it with a 15-pin CSI cable (i.e. like the Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2), then the Jetson Xavier NX devkit has those headers.

I will return the AGX to get an NX. Thanks, but why not add a CSI adapter cable for full functionality on your top end machine!!! After paying for the best, I have to spend another couple of hundred to use it!!!