Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit not detecting TF card after install Jetpack 4.6.2

I have installed Jetpack 4.6.2 on Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit. after install system able to boot and works fine but TF card is not detecting in lsblk command too.
any suggestion and help will be appreciated. thanks in advance.

Hi jshubham,

Could you help to provide the dmesg for further check?

Do you use TF card as external storage or flashing image into it as rootfs?
Please also provide the result of lsblk and df -h on your baord.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for reply.
I am using TF card as external storage. which was working fine before flashing and still working on another devices.
also i am attaching required logs file.
lsblk (959 Bytes)
dmesg.logs (64.3 KB)
df (478 Bytes)

I could not find any insert/remove TF card messages in dmesg from you.

Do you mean this TF card could be recognized on current Xavier devkit before?
What is the Jetpack version before?
and how did you update the board?

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