Nvidia jetson camera adjustments

I’m totally new in nvidia jetson’s world and I have some questions to answer for:

  • what options do I have to build a 4k camera system with jetson nano and a graphical interface for adjusting the white balance or contrast manually?

  • which would you offer: Camera Core Library Interface or Direct V4L2 Interface? I’m checking this link but unfortunatelly that’s not clear for me:


I would really thankful If somebody could help me or send a link, any source, which helps to see this system clearlier.

Moving this topic to Jetson Nano from NVAPI.

It would depend on your sensor and how it is connected to Jetson.
If using CSI/MIPI interface, you would be sure to have the correct driver and device tree patches if any.
Going through the ISP it can be debayered and have auto adjustments for gain, wb, expousre, ee…
There is also a config file that performs some adjustments, this requires a proprietary tool and apart from RPi v2 IMX219 config file provided for nano in default L4T, it is only available from Jetson partners, so your easiest path (might not be cheapest one) would be checking this and get hw with a SDK with driver and DT and ISP config file.

Then, just install nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-api if not yet here. It has an example argus_camera that does what you want to do as GUI tool (and maybe more).


Maybe the API help to get more clear.


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