Nvidia Jetson , JP 5.1.1 , FPD Link DS90UB960-Q1 , camera sensor drivers needed?

I’m new with the cameras area and I have three questions after reading the following post:

My setup is Nvidia Jetson (lets say Xavier NX or Orin NX) with JP 5.1.1 , an FPD link iii model DS90UB960-Q1 connected to it via i2c and a camera sensor connected to the fpd link 3.

  1. I understand that the FPD link iii is operated via i2c. Why does it needs a special driver and the “regular” i2c driver is not enough in order to operate it?

  2. I didn’t understand if I need driver only for the fpd link de-serializer or I need a driver for the camera sensor as well.
    the jetson is connected directly to the de-serializer and not to the camera sensor itself. So how one camera sensor knows how to work with one de-serializer without a suitable driver?

  3. can you recommend some good technical source for newbies in this area such as myself? (I admit I tried to read the dev guide , camera section but I got lost)

last question please:
I found FPD Link DS90UB960-Q1 linux driver in kernel v6.6:

is it possible to “port” it to jp5.1.1 kernel 5.10?


hello BSP_User,

you’ll need SerDes driver, and camera sensor driver, and its device tree settings to enable camera use-case.
for instance, you may check reference driver, imx390 which is running with GMSL protocol with maxim SerDes chip (i.e. max9295/max9296)
please see-also developer guide, Jetson Virtual Channel with GMSL Camera Framework.

please check it’s using kernel APIs with version 5.10, otherwise you may see compatibility failures.

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