NVIDIA Jetson module as a Window client


We are considering attaching a portable pc to a tethered headset, and streaming the VR content from the cloud using CXR.

We are wondering would there be a possibility of configuring one of the NVIDIA Jetson modules for running the Windows CXR client as we have tested the Windows client on our workstations and successfully streamed VR content to HP Reverb G2/G1. We’ve noticed that the Windows Mixed Reality Portal has several requirements for enabling the WMR headset (HP Reverb G2/G1). Therefore, I’m not sure which module would be suitable for the minimal requirements.

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Extending question:
Is there available or when will be available generic ARM client (not for android but for linux clients like RasperryPI, Pine64…) ?
Or will the client be opensourced ?


A lightweight end client device is an interesting idea, and something that warrants investigation in the future, however the Jetson runs L4T, and there are no L4T clients available. Regarding the generic ARM clients, there is nothing available for them either.