NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit available now

Hi @neuezeal, in my experience the runtime performance of Nano 2GB vs Nano 4GB is the same once the application is loaded into memory. It has the same processor, GPU cores, ect, just with less memory capacity.

The Nano 2GB is being offered as the devkit only, there aren’t plans to have the production module for deployment. For production, please use the Nano 4GB module (which the price was reduced to $99 in volume).

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Thank you.

hi there
I have question about USB-C power adapter?
Last week I was pre order Jetson Nano 2GB and UGREEN brand (is recommended on Getting started page) 18W USB-C power adapter.
Today USB-C Power adapter was arrive.
On the label of power adapter, Output 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A was write.
In USB-C PD standard power adapter talk to the device about wtich voltage need.
My Question is; Jetson Nano is talk to power adaptor about voltage or USB-C port on the Jetson Nano no PD function? Or my adapter is wrong.

Is my adapter : https://www.amazon.com.tr/gp/product/B08GM9N5B7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Hi @scpecialist, since you picked a power adapter from the Supported Components List, it has been tested with Jetson Nano 2GB and should work just fine.

What will be the desktop for the official JP release for Nano 2GB? LXDE or L4T? If it is LXDE, will the regular Nano and other Jetson boards still be using L4T?

Hi @caruofc, LXDE is a (lightweight) desktop environment, not an OS. The OS is still Ubuntu and JetPack-L4T. The default desktop for Nano 2GB is LXDE, to reduce memory. The default desktop for the other Jetsons will remain Unity/GNOME.

Thanks for confirming, yes, I meant the desktop, wrote OS instead. So, the official JP image (SD card image) for Nano 2GB will be with LXDE desktop I am assuming

Hi all - the Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit is now shipping. Orders can be placed through this page:


Additional distributors will be transitioning from pre-order in the next couple days.

I would like to point out a flaw in the " Getting Started with Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit"…

  • " Write Image to the microSD Card"
  • " Instructions for Windows"
    The instructions state to “Click “Select image” and choose the zipped image file downloaded earlier.” and show a screen shot of the Etcher program with “sd-blob-a02.zip” as the file to use. I followed the instructions only to get what I thought was a dead device.
    I believe the instructions should have the folder unzipped and “sd-blob.img” file chosen instead. This path worked for me.

Does Jetson Nano 2G Support Realsense D435?

Hi @mark.pumphrey, Etcher supports flashing from the .zip file without needing to extract the image first. My guess is that there was some internal SD card error or something the first time you flashed, and it was unrelated to the image being extracted first.


Hi @yuuta.inoue, community members have used it on the original Jetson Nano, I don’t believe there should be a difference in the support for D435 between Jetson Nano 4GB and 2GB. For reference you can see this JetsonHacks video:


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Thank you I believe you are right.
Tests show that I did have a bad SD card. This is good to know as I almost RMA’s both my boards thinking they were DOA.

Thank you for your replay.

I have a Jetson Nano 4G and a Realsense D435.
When I tried it, the Realsense D435 worked on the Jetson Nano 4G when powered by the DC Barrel jack for 5V power input. However, the Realsense D435 did not work on the Jetson Nano 4G when powered by the Micro-USB port for 5V power input.

Jetson Nano 2G has deprecated DC Barrel jack for 5V power input.
Does the Realsense D435 work with the Jetson Nano 2G when powered by USB-C for 5V power input?

I haven’t personally tried it, but the Jetson Nano’s 2GB USB-C power supply input should provide enough current, as it is 5V⎓3A (i.e. more than micro-USB was)

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I just got a 2Gb nano,

Here are what I see so far

  1. the fan connector is missing, I need to pull out the fan wires and connect individually to the 5V and GND… Annoying…
  2. the OS is not Ubuntu? It is Lightweight XII Desktop Environment (LXDE 18.04)? Can I have the ubuntu back?

Other than that, 2Gb with this price is good.
BTW, is there any power bank that can provide 4A/5V?


When can we expect production module for jetson nano 2GB RAM model?

And also i want to know, Is there inbuilt wifi in jetson nano 4GB RAM production module ?

Do any alternative images for the nano 2gb exist i can’t get the nano ones to work :(

Hi @AK51, as per this page, the fan headers weren’t initially populated on all units, sorry about that. Alternatively you can solder a fan header on. If you solder the connections from underneath, there is ample space to work with.

The OS is Ubuntu, however to save memory it is just using the LXDE desktop instead of GNOME/Unity desktop. It is recommended to use LXDE on Nano 2GB because it saves several hundred MB of memory usage.

Hi @yadavaprasath, the Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit is being offered as the devkit only, there are no plans for a production Nano 2GB module.

No, there is not on-module wifi. Wireless is recommended to be provided through an M.2 module connection on the carrier.