NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4GB Dev Kit does not consistently power on when powering from DC jack


I’m having some difficulty consistently powering on my Jetson Nano Dev Kit. It works consistently and properly when I’m powering it from a 5V 4A power adapter from the DC jack.

However, if I try to power it from the DC jack off of a buck converter, it doesn’t consistently boot up. The keyword is consistently because it boots up properly sometimes. In the times it does not boot up, it still gets ~5V at its 5V rails and DC jack.

My buck converter configuration is as follows: 2 cell LiPo battery → switch → buck → DC jack → nano.

The problem with inconsistent boot is also present when I turn the switch off and on.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Basically it looks like supply capability issue of your converter or battery supply since nano works fine with adapter. Maybe you can try other buck/battery or add some super capacitors to the 5V side.

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