Nvidia Jetson Nano not booting

So, one moment my Jetson not booting.
I remember that I wanted to check CUDA version, and my jetson don’t have nvidia-smi, and I decide to install it.
I followed this solution : drivers - nvidia-smi command not found Ubuntu 16.04 - Ask Ubuntu
I try first solution: sudo apt purge nvidia-* after this tried second command and here my terminal stops.
So I continue to work on my Jetson, and one moment I make a reboot. After reboot my Jetson not booting.
This is the image stay for a long time yet:

This is jetson TX2 forum… What is the exact platform you are asking?

And nvidia-smi is not supported on jetson.

I have Nvidia Jetson Nano. Redirect me please

Please just reflash your board.

Beware that nvidia-smi is only for PCIe video cards. The GPU in the Jetson is integrated directly to the memory controller, and any content for a PCIe based video card will be invalid.

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