Nvidia Jetson Nano -OpenGL


I am new to Graphics Programming and I am starting with Nvidia Jetson Nano.fingers crossed
I need to begin with some OpenGL coding for my Nano.I am yet to boot my device but i want to do some research before I begin.
I am unable to find much information on using OpenGL programming with Nano.
Please help with some informative content/sources!Would be great!

Thank You!

The bsp includes some examples (cuda, egl, gl) to start with but most of it is standard GL (except the extensions). What is supported exactly via the API (extensions and Standard) you may print with glxinfo or eglinfo. Which API to chooses depends on if you want program applications for GUI-Apps (GLX) or non-GUI processing (headless egl).

Again you may use GL code in conjunction with CUDA as well as gstreamer plugins from NVIDIA.

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Thank you very much!


I beleive GLFW is not part of Jetson nano installation.Is there a way i can install GLFW to my nano?Is there any Nvidia provided/supported packages for this?