Nvidia Jetson Nano with QNX OS and Python


We are testing Nvidia Jetson Nano to use it in a Medical device.

Now, in prototype design phase, we are using NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ Developer Kit to install OS and Programs for our Medical Device.

OS used now is Linux (ubuntu) and programs are made in Python 3.

We are very interested in the possibility to use QNX like OS to certificate operating system easily.


Please, could you help me to know if QNX is possible to be installed in Nvidia Jetson Nado?

If yes, Please, could you provide me information and driver link to know about that and to install in the Nvidia Jetson Nano supercomputer.

If no, Please, could you tell me what Nvidia Supercomputer is used and FDA certificated to be used in Medical Devices

Thanks in advance,

Hi gtoirac,

We never tested with QNX on Jetson Nano, not sure the effort to port it on device, also customer require to have legal agreement with QNX for developing. Regarding the FDA certification, we also don’t have experience yet, not sure what kind of information required to get the certification.