Nvidia jetson nano won't power on

I am using a reComputer J1020 with a Nvidia Jetson nano module. When I plug in the barrel connector the jetson will not boot up. The power led isn’t coming on either. Powering the jetson with the micro usb didn’t work either. Any ideas?

Has this device been boot up before?
Suggest to do a reflash with reComputer provided BSP.

Thank you, I will give this a try. The board was powered on once before. Everything was working fine previously.

I followed the re flash tutorial for the j1020 on seeed’s website. I connected the fc rec and ground pins, powered the board, and connected it to my Linux host via micro usb. Running the lsusb command on terminal and the Jetson didn’t pop up.

You may need to contact with Seeed for issue support or RMA.

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