NVIDIA JETSON not displaying anything but green light is ON with 5V/2A


I recently purchased a NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

I followed as per the Setup instruction provided in the NVIDIA website

SD card flashing was tried in Ubuntu and Windows 10.

  1. with Power adapter (5V/2A):
    Power Green led is always ON but im not getting anything on display. I tried only connected HDMI cable alone connected leaving all other peripharals but still no difference. Even i tried with two power chargers of 5V/2A 5.2V/2A

  2. Power barrel jack 5V/4A with a jumper in J48 no Green LED is glowing.

Tried with 16GB and 64GB class10 SD cards. but no difference. Im not getting anything on the display even the logo or anything.

Please help me to sort this.

My best guess is that that is a problem with the SD card. I had the same issue with a faulty SD card