NVIDIA Jetson NX Developer Board Part Unavailable - RTS5489-GR

We’re building a carrier board for the Jetson Xavier NX and using the development board as a starting point. The only problem we have run into is the availability of the Realtek USB hub chip (RTS5489-GR). We can’t find it anywhere. We can’t find the specification for it. We’ve been advised by fabrication companies that they can’t find it either.

Does NVIDIA have access to this part? Can NVIDIA recommend a replacement chip? Do they have a specification we can use to compare alternate parts?

Hi, dev kit is only for development, not for product design. As for the third-part components, please contact vendor for more datasheet/spec or additional options. We have no recommendation on this, you can check with the vendors in ecosystem: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/community/ecosystem

[Update]: The public available part number of it is RTS5420.