Nvidia jetson recomputer j1020 storage full

hello. I’m using nvidia jetson recomputer j1020. It doesn’t have an ssd, it just had its own storage space. The space was low, but when installing a program, it loaded more than once and the storage space was full, so I turned it off so that it wouldn’t fill up. .How can I solve it please help.


Welcome to the NVIDIA forums. Can you please tell me what Jetson model you are working with? I can then move it to the correct category as this forum is for the DOCA product.


Im workıng with Nvıdıa Jetson Recomputer j1020.

I am thinking this is the Jetson Nano, I will move it over for you.

Yes,it’s true.Thank you.

Hi furkantoptang4,

If you are installing an Ubuntu image using the sdkamanager you may find that there are some programs that are actually not needed for most embedded developments. Please take a look on how to uninstall these programs using the following link: Compiling OpenCV from Source | OpenCV | RidgeRun - RidgeRun Developer Connection

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The storage space of nvidia jetson nano was full and therefore it was stuck on the boot screen and I could not enter. I connected with my laptop using a micro usb(for Jetson nano) to USB cable and found the IP address from the files. When I connected with Putty and did “sudo apt clean”, the problem was solved.

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