Nvidia Jetson TX2 : JTAG Debugging

Hi All,

I have an nvidia Jetson TX2 Kit. I see that this has a JTAG port available for debugging. Should i use only Lauterbach debugger with this board? Or can i also use Segger JLink or similar(PE Micro)?

I dont have any experience with Lauterbach.

Thanks in advance.


In theory, Lauterbach may have updated since I last saw it, but I was never able to use this to any useful level in its early days of support (e.g., when I went to debug a memory controller issue the debugger crashed along with the Jetson). Perhaps someone else knows of a JTAG debugger which is known to be successful.

I looked up the documentation on Segger JLink and PE Micro Multilink. It looks like they donot support A57/Denver chips anyways. SO We are left with Lauterbach debugger and it is outside of the Hobbyists’s price range. :) That JTAG port cannot be used by a hobbyist.

I guess i rest my case on this investigation.