NVIDIA Jetson TX2 not powering on

I have a NVIDIA jetson tx2, so the problem is when i try to push power button, but it doesn’t show any response other than a red led(CR6) blinking for a second with the power button press. There is no other response other than this, I have tried with different power adaptor(same as jetson tx2), i cannot understand about the issue. Is there any technical issue or the developer board is dead and needs replacement?

  1. Did you ever flash your board with jetpack?

  2. You can use the serial console to dump the log.
    Serial Console - NVIDIA Jetson TX2 - JetsonHacks

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for reaching out and sorry late response.
The info you required is

  1. Yes earlier I flashed board with JetPack_4.4_Linux_JETSON_TX2.
  2. Board is not come to power on state, so not able to dump log on serial.

If there is even no power, then it seems a hardware problem. Please RMA this board.

Hi Wayne,

So can you please guide me through the process for RMA?


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