NVIDIA Jetson TX2's cannot be discovered on IoT network

I just completed flashing a Jetson TX2 to deployed on a Testbed at the edge (outside of my work’s network). After flashing (inside of my work’s network), I can successfully NMAP my network, find the device, and ssh into the machine configure auto-login, VNC, etc… without issue. I changed the hostname with hostnamectl and ran NMAP and can see the device and it’s new hostname.

However, once I deployed the device at the edge (on a VLAN) I can no longer find the device when using NMAP but I can run the command “host ” and it returns an IP that does not exist.

So I configured another Jetson except I did not change the hostname and even tried deploying at a different switch but I can still not find the device on the network. This is not how any other IoT that I work with behaves, they all appear when I scan the edge’s VLAN without setting any magic properties.

Are there some specific settings that I am missing or any debugging tips?

I greatly appreciate any help.

This would need other users to check and share experience. Probably additional network setting is required. By default it is assigned dynamic IP address in LAN.

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